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Students should enroll in the DOME SAT Prep program as early as possible in order to maximize the learning time available. Additionally, earlier enrollees are able to cement a more flexible study schedule with a tutor-instructor.
All of our tutor-instructors share a great passion for teaching coupled with strong leadership skills necessary to motivate. Because every student is unique in what drives him or her, we provide a short personality questionnaire in order to create the perfect match.
Yes. We keep our online groups extremely small, and our one-on-one online tutoring is virtually identical to our in-person tutoring. Our student score improvements show no statistical difference between those who study in person and those who study online. The choice is largely based on preference and convenience.

Learn about the SAT

What is it and why is it important? What you need to know whether you're a sophomore, junior, or senior in High school.

How is the SAT Changing?

The SAT is about to release its biggest change in more than 25 years. Find out what's new and who will be affected.

Learn about the ACT

Get a breakdown of the ACT. When is it? Why is it importnant? See the ACT at a glance.

How is Dome Prep different?

Well for one, we're so obsessed with test scores that we're developing a science behind how we deliver prep. See how we do it!


Rare-Expert™ Instructors

Each of our instructors possesses a rare blend of talent that is hard to match anywhere—a remarkable passion for teaching, an extraordinary performance record on the SAT, and a motivating personality to inspire.  Chosen instructors must verify a personal score in the 98th percentile, clear a rigorous screening process, and then produce a 98th percentile scoring student, through our program, before calling us home. No other program demands more of their instructors.


Instructor Spotlight

  • Cerina A Instructor/Tutor
    • Scored in the 98th Percentile on the SAT
    • Currently Attending the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies
    • Graduated High School in 3 Years
  • Ellery D Instructor/Tutor
    • Scored in the Upper 99th Percentile on the SAT
    • Graduate of Stanford University with a Major in American Studies and a Minor in Feminist Studies.
    • Received a variety of academic awards including the Stanford’s Lunsford Award
  • Daniel C Instructor/Tutor
    • Scored in the Upper 99th Percentile on the SAT
    • Graduated from USC Double-Majoring in Neuroscience and Philosophy
    • Daniel’s Passion for Teaching has Lead Him to Pursue His Ph.D in Neuroscience
  • Doug K Instructor/Tutor
    • Scored in the Upper 99th Percentile on the SAT
    • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Georgetown University, 5th in his Class.
    • Currently Producing a Curriculum for the New SAT

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