Intro to SAT Math


In this section, we'll cover general information, tips and other strategies to prepare you for the SAT Math section.

SAT Math

The SAT Math section looks at fractions, decimals and their place values, primes, divisibility rules and finally math word problems.

Basic SAT Algebra

Basic Algebra begins with variables. Learn the rules, solve the equations and try your hand with using PEMDAS.

Numbers: More Advanced Concepts

A quick review of more advanced number concepts you might find in the SAT math section.

Advanced Algebra

Putting everything together we've covered so far to go through some more difficult examples.

Basic Geometry

Master the rules for geometry; know the SAT formulas.

Graphing/Coordinate Geometry

We'll cover the topics regarding graphing in the Algebra sections of the SAT, in particular the basics of functions, in this section.

SAT Critical Reading - Sentence Completion

This section covers various sentence completion topics from follow the sequence to vocabulary building.

SAT Critical Reading - Reading Based Passages

Reading based passages may be the most difficult area to gain points. Explore some of these techniques to improve your score on these questions.

SAT Writing Section

Knowing what to expect gives you a great advantage on test day. This section shows you how you need to prepare to succeed on the SAT Writing section.

SAT Essay Section

Within this section, we take a close look at the structure, audience, and winning characteristics of the SAT essay.